What is the main use of electric pencil sharpeners?

1, Teachers

Teacher is an honorable job, in their daily teaching life, uncountable pencils will be used, especially for kindergarten’s teachers. Each child will use pencils to write and draw. However, pencil sharpening is very difficult for the little kids. How to save time and facilitate children, the electric pencil sharpener is a good choice for you.


2, Students

Students who in the first grade to the third grade need to use pencils to write homework. Since the manual pencil sharpener is too slow and easy to break the lead. May each day it takes only 2 minutes to sharpen all the pencils that your child is going to use the next day is much time-saved. Is this the simplest way for students?


3, Painters

Painting can exercise people's patience. During the painting process, children will be very focused on one thing. When painting, a lot of pencils will be needed. If there is an electric pencil sharpener on the desk, it will be very convenient for you. The sketching pencils are varies in size, I recommend you by using our 3-hole electric helix pencil sharpener ,which provide you 3 different diameter pencils types.


4, Designers

Many designers use pencils to draw their ideas on paper, with the hand drawing first, and then complete it on the computer.


The pencil sharpener is a good partner in our daily life.